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Beat Juice Radio is LIVE! (also I wrote a thing)

Check it out!

Experience the never heretofore experienced magic of competitive rhythm! Tangle with diabolical AIs! Beat the crap out of your friends! Support indie games! And so forth.

Also the first (and zeroth) installments of my new column, Savor the Void, will most likely be up by the time you read this. Discover my pretentious and impenetrable insights! A bewildering world of wonder awaits.


Be a Beat Juice Jockey!

Hey kids, we’re finishing up development on competitive rhythm madhouse Beat Juice Radio. You can help us make the game better by clicking that link, playing around for a few minutes, and giving us a few words of feedback. We read everything you write and we’ll do our best to act on it, so you’ve got an opportunity to improve the game for yourself and everyone else!

Also you might like to know that we’ve tentatively named ourselves Team Beat (legal status pending). We’re just a bunch of independent developers, not a permanent dev squad, but we needed something to call ourselves because it was part of the…

INDIECADE SUBMISSION! That’s right, BJR has been submitted to IndieCade. I have no idea when we’re going to hear back from them, so stay tuned for more news.

Oh, and speaking of news… hi!

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