Wind Catcher Games

Games by Josh Raab


Here’s a bit of info about my personal and professional background.

I look pretty much like this:


Photo credit: TAG

I grew up in the Northeastern US and attended Columbia University for a BA in Ancient History, then got an MFA in Game Design from NYU Game Center. I’ve always loved playing games, and have been designing them in some form or another since about the age of 11. I also like cats, poetry, dodgeball, and trivia.

Professionally, I’m a game designer and programmer with experience in QA, production, and audio design. I’ve been a co-founder and designer at three small game companies: Ancient Mariner Games, Studio Wumpus, and Studio Mercato. My full-time and freelance work ranges across a wide variety of clients, from the State of Vermont to a Flash game website to a museum installation design company. I also participated in the experimental games incubator Critical Hit at Concordia University’s TAG Lab.

For a comprehensive CV, take a look at my LinkedIn profile here.

If you’d like to get in touch, drop me a line at

Thanks for checking out my site!


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