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Barcelona 2022

Time for a quick recap of the year. The main thing I accomplished was making a lot of new friends in Barcelona, mostly in the English standup comedy scene. It’s been a great way to meet creative and intelligent people. I don’t know if that’s true in every city, but if you ever move to a new place and want to find an interesting community, the comedians are worth a try. I wasn’t sure whether I was going to stay in Barcelona since I ran into a lot of frustration after the initial honeymoon period, but I think I’m sticking around for now.


The other big event was the announcement of the game I’ve been working on at Oxide. It’s a historical strategy game called Ara: History Untold. We had a private alpha testing phase already and will have a second one soon, but I don’t think I can talk publicly about release dates or anything too specific. I can tell you it’s being published by Xbox Game Studios for the PC, and you can wishlist it on Steam if you like.

Some ad in Barcelona. It has nothing to do wtih our game.

Not much else to report. I got to do a bit of traveling, including trips to Toulouse, Madrid (twice), and Stockholm, as well as back to the US. Hoping to do more of that in the year to come. One of the best parts of living in Europe compared to America is how easy it is to get to different countries with their own unique history, culture, cuisine, etc. I also got a properly intense World Cup pub experience during the England-France elimination game, although I stay home sick from the final.

Stockholm was beautiful.

Anyway, it’s been a pretty good year for me overall. Here’s hoping for another one in 2023!

— Josh


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