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Mohawk, Sumer, and More

Hi all! I’ve barely posted since I started at Big Huge Games, since there wasn’t much to report while I was working full-time.

First off, my big news: I’ve left BHG and will be joining Mohawk Games at the end of March to work on their upcoming 4X strategy game 10 Crowns. Working on DomiNations, I learned a lot about the massive free-to-play market, but ultimately it wasn’t a good creative fit for me. Mohawk will be a return to the kind of work that made me want to be a designer in the first place. I’m excited to get back into it.

Second, Sumer is coming out very soon for the Nintendo Switch. It’s been in Steam Early Access for quite some time already – the full release will come when we’ve added online multiplayer. The Switch is a perfect platform for the game, hoping it does well on there.


Otherwise, I’ve settled nicely into Baltimore. I’ve always liked small cities, so it’s much more my speed than New York ever was. I made a lot of friends at BHG and intend to keep hanging out with them. Since Mohawk is very close by, I won’t even have to move for the new job.

The kitties are full size now, but at 2 years old they’re still kittens at heart. They each have their favorite toy and distinct personalities – Freya’s athletic and outgoing, while Persephone is a bit more strategic and shy. They’re both very sweet and loving, and having them in my life has been amazing. Here they are chillin on my bed:


I’ve also been cooking up a couple side projects, but nothing really worth reporting on yet. I’ll post updates if those pick up any more steam. That’s it for now – until next time!


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