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The Incubator and Beyond

This summer has been devoted to working on Sumer in NYU’s incubator program along with Geoff, Sig, and Misha. We’ve made huge strides after 3 months of full-time work: a visual overhaul (courtesy of new artist Jet Landis), new design features, mouse and keyboard controls, a tutorial, and even the beginnings of online play. It’s been a great experience, with help from a huge number of people.

Currently we’re looking around for publisher funding so we can continue working full-time and finish the game. I’m considering a move to Iceland as well, but everything is pretty up in the air. It’s scary not to know what’s next, but it’s exciting to be pursuing this game we so strongly believe in.

We’ll be showing it at the Boston Festival of Indie Games on September 12th, as well as more local events, including possibly regular showings at PAG’s I Got Next (Nevada Smiths, every other Monday). We’re also sending out alpha builds to pretty much anyone who asks, so if you’re interested in playing, stop by an event or send me an e-mail!

– Josh


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