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Nika Funded, Almost to First Stretch Goal!

Great news: Nika reached its Kickstarter goal within about 27 hours! With 23 days to go as of right now, we’re pressing on to our stretch goals.

At $10k, we’ll add a strategy guide I’ve written.

At $15k, we’ll include a stylish wooden turn marker from Chris.

Best of all, at $20k, we’ll include an expansion pack with optional rules and new variants, including new art on stickers to be put on the backs of the pieces. They’re all pretty cool and I want you to have them, so please, help spread the word!



Friends! The day is at hand! You can finally purchase Nika for the mere pittance of $25 (including shipping) on Kickstarter!

Here’s the link:

Thank you very much for your support!


…Or So

Today is of course Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which means the folks at Kickstarter are probably not in the office to give final admin approval to the Nika page. Should be up tomorrow though!

Nika KS Jan 20th

Hey all – there’s been a short delay with the Nika Kickstarter, but it should be up and running on the 20th. Sorry to keep you waiting!

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