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Nika Coming Jan 15! Also, MAGFest!

My first semester of game design grad school is over, and I’ve given myself a bit of time to recover – but now it’s time to press on!

To start, I have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Nika‘s Kickstarter campaign is slated for January 15th! Chris, myself, and the fine gents at Eagle Games have been working hard to get everything ready. The instructions and art are almost prepared, the rules have been finalized, and I’m beginning work on a little strategy guide we’ll probably include as a stretch goal. I’ll be sure to update here when the campaign is officially launched, so keep an eye out – we’d love your support!

Second, we’re going to be showing Crystal Brawl at MAGFest from January 1-5. It’s in National Harbor, MD. If you’re near the DC metro area, come say hi! It’s a solid 4-5 days of Music And Gaming (the “MAG” in “MAGFest”), should be tons of fun.

I’ll end by completing the list of games I’ve helped create this semester. (Again, video games have *asterisks.)

7.  Assassin’s Feed – A live-action game played in a grocery store where you compete to assemble a meal that best fits the judge’s criteria. The catch? You can only take food items you see non-players touch first! Created with Misha Favorov, James Marion, Will Pang, and Alec Thomson.

8. Grecian Goldsmiths – As a machinist in an alternate-history Byzantium, maneuver your golden automata across the empire to harvest resources and do battle. Conceived as a hybrid of European- and American-style board games. Created with Misha Favorov, Brad Lee, Chang Liu, and Will Pang.

9. 100K Years War: Agincourt – Command a spaceship fleet in a 3D grid-based combat scenario. The idea was to make a game like Advance Wars but with 3D cubes instead of 2D squares. Created with C.J. Chen and Chang Liu.

Happy New Year, everyone!


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