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Studio Mercato

Studio Mercato

At last! Studio Mercato, beloved NYC developer collective and indie label which I helped found, has a true internet home. Inspect it with great fervor!

Also, if you happen to be in Boston this weekend, come to the Boston Festival of Indie Games at MIT! I’ll most likely be manning the Nika table all day myself, but we’re also showing Crystal Brawl.

Otherwise, I’ve mostly been occupied with being a newly minted grad student at the NYU Game Center. My favorite moment so far came on the first day of class, and went something like…

Me: “Man, it feels like I’m, like, at Hogwarts.”

Misha (friend, colleague; mishearing): “Did you say, ‘It feels like I’m back at Hogwarts?’ ”

That… that was it. Um, it was funny at the time. I should probably go to sleep now. Until later, internet!


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