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Crystal Brawl is Coming


Fancy new screenshot! (It did not look like this in June.)

Announcing Crystal Brawl, a local multiplayer 2v2 battle-sport game. It’s a little like Hokra meets Gauntlet, if that means anything to you. If not, think of wizards and knights throwing a ball around in the woods. That works too.

The game’s a collaboration between myself, Jon Stokes, Ben Serviss, Chris Hernandez, and Rahil Patel, with sound by Nate Chambers. We’re developing it in Construct 2, probably for the Ouya. We’ve submitted it to IndieCade and the Boston Festival of Indie Games (the B-FIG) – I’ll post updates on those as we get them!

I’ve also submitted Nika to the B-FIG. A Nika iPad app by the Studio Mercato team may be on the horizon as well, once we finish our current project for the Grasshopper table.

Speaking of which, if you’d like to come in for a playtest at Grasshopper, let me know! They’ve been quite enjoyable and popular so far. We’ll also have the Grasshopper table at Come Out & Play After Dark on July 12th, so you can check it out then too. One way or another, hope to get you playing one of my games soon!


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